8 Tips For Wheelchair Users To Make Their Life Simple And Happy

8 Tips For Wheelchair Users

Staying healthy with unhealthy eating habits and a bad lifestyle is quite impossible. When we talk about wheelchair users, staying healthy and happy is very difficult for them. One of the biggest problems faced by wheelchair users is obesity. In addition to this, wheelchair users also suffer from mental health issues. Fortunately, there are various techniques that help wheelchair users to stay fit and active. Here, in this article, we have made a list of 8 Tips For Wheelchair Users to make their life simple and happy.

8 Tips For Wheelchair Users to make their life simple and happy:

1. Do Cardiovascular Exercise  

Cardiovascular exercise is as important for you as for a normal healthy person. It is very important to maintain the good health of your heart and lungs. Your main objective is to increase your heart rate and make your body produce sweat.

You can achieve your objectives by swimming, wheelchair sprinting, or various other physical activities that wheelchair users can do. It is recommended that all wheelchair users should look out for different ways to stay physically active.

2. Start Doing Weight Training

The wheelchair users have to push their wheelchairs with their hands and it can lead to injuries. It is so because the wheelchair users have to continuously engage their shoulders and chest muscles. The best way to prevent you from injuries is to incorporate a strength-training workout.

The weight training exercise will help to prevent your shoulders from injuries. The free-weights are very important for wheelchair users for strengthening up their muscles.

3. Maintain Good Posture When Sitting.

The wheelchair users have to spend long hours sitting in a wheelchair. Thus, it may lead to scoliosis, pressure sore, and various other problems. Therefore, it is very important to maintain good body posture. You should invest in a good seating cushion that will help you to maintain good body posture. Also, you should invest in a foot pillow heel protector while sleeping to maintain accurate posture while sleeping.

4. Change Your Beverage Choices

Wheelchair users should also change beverage choices because some beverages are responsible for weight gain. People should not choose high calories beverages because it can affect their body weight. It is recommended that wheelchair users should drink water to get rid of toxins from their bodies. Always make healthy choices when it comes to choosing the beverage.

5. Sleep Well Whole Night

You should get a good night’s sleep because it will help your body to recover from various health issues. The wheelchair user will find it very difficult to sleep well the whole night. Therefore, it is recommended that the wheelchair users should find out the best body pillow that will prevent your one leg from applying pressure on another one

6. Consume Low Calories Diet

Make sure that your diet consists of low calories because wheelchair users have to spend long hours sitting in a wheelchair. Therefore, it is quite challenging for wheelchair users to maintain their ideal weight. One of the best ways to maintain an ideal body weight is to consume a low-calorie diet. When you are in a wheelchair, you are not mobile.

Thus, your body weight will start increasing tremendously. You should add healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet. Also, you should cut down the consumption of processed food items. You should try to substitute the items that are high in fat with those items that are low in fat. The best way to cut down the calories is to consume raw vegan food.

7. Good Stretch

It is important to keep your body mobile by moving your joints. The best way to keep your joints mobile is to stretch your body. It is very important to hold the stretch at least for 30 seconds. It is recommended that you should do body stretching regularly and prevent your body from any kind of problem. It is very important to keep your body comfortable while moving in different directions. Stretching will help you to keep your muscles moving. It will also help in improving your blood circulation. The wheelchair users should always carry important accessories with them to make their life easy such as a portable tray, wheelchair poncho, etc.

8. Ensure Mental Health

It is very important to pay attention to your mental health. Your mental well-being is directly connected with your physical health. Most people start suffering from depression because they are not6 able to do various things that normal healthy people can do. The wheelchair users are dependent on other people for various things. They will also start suffering from anxiety because they are not capable of doing various simple things. Well, all these things are treatable after consulting a good counselor. Also, it is very important to take the necessary medicines as prescribed by the doctor.  

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