5 Reasons Your Body Is Always Exhausted

5 Reasons Your Body Is Always Exhausted

You started remaining more tired during the work hours and when you looked deeper into this you found out that the actual reason was exhaustion. Before you make an appointment with the doctor who will do a thorough examination with your body and why you are behaving in the manner which you shouldn’t, it’s to check out the details and habits in your day-to-day lifestyle which are responsible for fatigue but being overlooked. 

Is your body being just tired of being tired and always remains exhausted then make sure you stop doing the points we are going to mention ahead? Do you notice being irritated all the time and snap back at someone the moment they say anything to you? 

Are you staying fatigued and is unable to provide quality time to your work, children, wife, friends, or colleagues? 

The problem here could be your extreme level of exhaustion which can be caused by various factors like staying dehydrated, not having a balanced temperature room, and is missing on good AC systems like air conditioning Sydney or simply because you are spending too much time in your mobile phone. 

1. Staying Hydrated In The Wrong Manner

If every time you feel thirsty and grab a cold drink to quench your thirst then this isn’t the right choice. It may sound a bit odd to you but drinking a cold drink far too often can make your body even more tired. 

This is because of the high sugar content in it which can cause you “dumping syndrome” in which to attain osmotic equilibrium the sugar of these drinks consumes up a big chunk of water from our body tissues which in result decreases the required amount of blood flow to the rest of the body parts causing us dizziness and exertion. 

2. You Are Taking Emotional Burden

If you are facing or being a part of any emotional upsurge or burden lately then it must be taking in a lot of your daily energy. 

So, no matter what is it about, if you are keeping a secret from anyone, broke up with your love partner, or facing some financial issues related to an income tax notice, this all can cause fatigue which is unnecessary and unacceptable for your body. 

If you are overthinking or if there is a suppressed anger inside you for someone, your body will naturally feel tired or exhausted most of the time. Let it all go and look for positivity in your life.

3. You Are Not Drinking Water

Earlier we have talked about hydrating your body in the wrong manner but what if you are not drinking water at all and relying upon juices and tea thinking that body needs will get completed from it. 

This can turn pretty harmful for your body if you are living in hotter areas where dehydration can lead you to a fatigued state and your concentration level gets destroyed as your body isn’t getting an ample amount of nutrients.

4. You Are Partying Too Much

Being indulged in a night party where everyone is celebrating, dancing and drinking are fine once in a while, but making it a habit can make extremely tired. 

After having few drinks, the alcohol present in that starts depressing your brain, and although you might think that it is helping you in feeling relaxed and a good sleep but the alcohol can later disturb your sleep pattern due to the huge amount of energy it requires for getting metabolized making you feel tired which in common language is called a hangover. 

Moreover, partying late at night and waking late in the morning will take away the productivity of your work during the first half of the working week.

5. You Don’t Have Proper Air Conditioner System

Yes, you heard it right. Having a poor performing AC which piles up on the monthly electricity bill can be the pain in your lifestyle because whether you have noticed it or not, you end up staying under the cool air of it for most of your day. 

No wonder when you leave the office for the home you have developed a sense of malaise and mild headache. Having proper ducted air conditioning Sydney will provide the perfect balance of air you need with the advanced feature of air filtration. This will soon alleviate the problem you were noticing earlier while leaving the office and that is why it is sometimes referred to as “sick building syndrome”.

It has also been seen that those who work indoors where a ducted system is used for air conditioning had fewer symptoms of such issues than those who were working in poorly installed wall mounted ACs. 

Another drawback of them was that they were unable to detect the outside temperature and manage the indoor accordingly which made people shiver while working. The discomfort caused by shivering was causing disturbed concentration levels and feeling less energetic and more tired. Body Is Always Exhausted.

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