Substitute Sugar With These Natural Ingredients For Baking Healthy Cakes

The number of diabetic patients has increased manifold times so there are more people who want to eat cakes or other desserts with less sugar. Moreover, sugar is not so healthy a component as it has become the reason for many severe health issues like heart problems, diabetes, obesity, etc and it does not contain any vitamin, mineral, good fat, or antioxidants, that is why baking healthy cakes is a challenging task for the people who have diabetes. Many people have become health conscious as they want to have a good immune system, therefore want to eat healthy.

Baking Healthy Cakes

As they can not control their craving for sweets, they want something healthy to be added to their sweets in place of sugar. A product of any kind should be according to the taste and preferences of the customers, similarly, people should get cakes as per their choice like with less sugar or without eggs or with any other special additions whenever they order a cake through online cake delivery in Noida.

There are many items which can be used in place of sugar which are mentioned below and you should have the knowledge about them. 

Natural Ingredients For Baking Healthy Cakes


The juice of sugarcane is boiled until its consistency becomes thick enough to take a solid form after cooling down. This solid brown thing is called jaggery. When the juice is boiled to make it thick liquid but not to make it solid, then it is called molasses. Jaggery and molasses have many health benefits as these are rich in antioxidants that protect our body from germs or harmful bacterias.

These also have high potassium and calcium which benefit bone health. They also make jaggery from other things as well like dates or sweet potato but the jaggery of sugarcane is more popular. If you want to add jaggery to your cake, then you should melt it in water so that it can properly mix in the batter of the cake.

The cake made using jaggery in place of sugar would be the best birthday cake for brother who likes the taste of jaggery as there can be people who would not like its taste. The molasses or jaggery of dark brown color is believed to contain more antioxidants and this can also give your cake a nice brown shade if used. 


Another method for baking healthy cakes This dark brown fruit has many antioxidants that protect our body from free radicals and these antioxidants are found more in fresh fruit as compared to dried fruit.

Dates are rich in many vitamins and minerals. You can make the paste of dates to use it in the batter of your cake and it would also taste good. The antioxidants found in dates can reduce the risk of cardiac and pulmonary diseases. 


You can replace sugar with a small amount of Stevia which is made from plants based in America. Although it is sweeter than sugar yet it can not increase the blood sugar level in your body if consumed. The scientific name of stevia is stevia rebaudiana and it has zero calories.

It does not have any side effects and it is said to lower the cholesterol level. As it is mostly advised to be used by diabetic patients, then it should be better used in the cake of an uncle who is suffering from sugar as a birthday cake for him. Stevia does not increase the volume of the cake or provide the bulk to the cake because it is used in small quantities, so you would have to add the bulking agent along with stevia in place of sugar. 


Honey has a lot of nutritional value as this contains some antioxidants and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. The taste of honey can increase the taste of the cake if you are baking a birthday cake for children in your house. 

Maple syrup 

Many minerals are found in maple syrup-like potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium. This syrup is made by cooking the sap of maple trees. Maple syrup is said to contain twenty-four antioxidants and it is used in less quantity as compared to refined sugar in cakes.

Yacon syrup 

Yacon syrup is also a sweetener made from a deserted plant which is native to America. This syrup is said to cure digestion problems, however, the excess of it can cause health issues so you should use it in appropriate quantities. 

There are also sweeteners common among the people like coconut syrup which is made from the sap of the coconut tree or agave syrup which is also made from a plant. These things can have some benefits more than normal sugar but these can also have side effects just like sugar, so you should be careful while choosing the right component for your cake. 

Even if you are not a patient of diabetes, you should reduce your consumption of sugar as you would feel tired after the consumption of sugar and it can make you lethargic, hence you should eat any healthy sweet made with healthy items whenever you feel like eating something sweet. 

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