What Are The 3 Best Advantages of Using An Electric Dab Rig?

Although traditional dab rigs are still the most prevalent in the market today, many people are turning to the modern electric dab rigs because they know the advantages of using an electric dab rig. Unlike traditional dab rigs whose nails are lit by a torch/ lighter, electric dab rigs have a battery that provides power for their e-nail.

Advantages of Using An Electric Dab Rig

Electric dab rigs are known to have the following benefits over other types of dab rigs:

Advantages of Using An Electric Dab Rig
  1. Safety (if not used properly, the torch for lighting the nails in dab rigs can cause serious burns or even fire. There are very minimal or zero chances of an electric dab rig causing burns or fire unless its battery explodes, which is very rare.
  2. Portability (the blow torch/ lighter increases the number of items to carry when you want to enjoy your dabbing experience away from home. On the other hand, an electric dab rig carries all you need in a single unit. You can effortlessly carry the dab rig around if it is (not designed a desktop vaporizer).
  3. Temperature control (the ability to control the dabbing temperature of your dab rig is the standout advantage of electric dab rigs. These dabbing devices feature voltage settings that customize your experience.)

Do electric dab rigs have any downsides?

In contrast to other types of dab rigs, electric dab rigs must always be charged for you to use them. If you purchase an electric dab rig with a low battery capacity, it is likely to bother your dabbing experience frequently.

Which is the best Electric Dab Rig?

In this highly competitive industry, many electric dab rigs can be classified as the best. Nevertheless, some of the best picks are reviewed below.

Pulsar Rok.

With its three voltage settings ( 3.4 V, 3.6 V, 3.8 V), Pulsar Rok is one of the best electric dab rigs you can find in the market today.  The voltage settings correlate to 900, 950, and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively, or 482, 510, and 538 degrees celsius. If you set the temperature high enough, you will get a strong and less flavored vapor, while if you set it low enough, you a tasty but less potent vapor will be delivered to you.

The Pulsar Rok package includes a dab tool, quartz cup, ceramic cup, cleaning buds, USB charger, and silicone collars.

On a single full charge, the battery of the Pulsar Rok can sustain between 25 to 30 dabbing sessions. This applies if your draws are average (not too hard).

Pulsar Rok has a single button that operates and controls it. It also comes with a well-written user manual. These two features make the Pulsar Rok very user friendly.

Puffco Peak.

Puffco Peak features four temperature settings (450, 500, 550, 600 degrees Fahrenheit). This versatility allows you to vaporize a variety of materials of different sizes. The hits from this electric dab rig are highly potent and flavorful.

Overall, Puffco Peak is a well designed electric dab rig. Each part of the dab rig feels premium. Its package includes a loading tool, a carrying case, cleaning cotton swabs, an extra ceramic bowl, and a carb cap.

The battery life of Puffco Peak is reasonably good. You can take 15 to 20 strong draws before recharging it. It is charged via a micro USB cable.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH.

The switch is among the few electric dab rigs that utilize induction heating. It has a rapid heat-up time and creates an amazing flavor. Also, the electric dab rig delivers large clouds that can leave you impressed. Its bubbler is perfect for filtering and cooling the vapor.

Each piece of the SWITCH feels wonderfully crafted. The glass on the dab rig is high quality and relatively thick, which makes it look robust. Its package includes two ceramic heating dishes (black and white), a wax container, a user manual, and reverse tweezers.

The Switch’s battery life is perfect. You are guaranteed that the battery can last up to 150 hits on a single charge. This efficiency can be attributed to the induction heating in the dab pen.

Your dabbing experience with Dr. Dabber SWITCH doesn’t have to be disrupted because of a dead battery. The electric dab rig is compatible with pass-through charging.


Most electric dab rigs in today’s market are packaged with a well-written user manual. This manual guides you on the most appropriate way to use the dab rig. You should always read and follow the user manual.

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